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My Pilates Beginnings

Pilates has allowed me to fully experience life!  I have been practicing Pilate for 13 years and teaching for 2 years.   At age 25, I began experiencing a pain in my ankle.  I went to my doctor who quickly realized the problem wasn't my ankle.  The problem was my back, specifically, a disc located at L 4-5.  I have no memory of injuring my back and my back never hurt.  After six months of excruciating pain and attempting to avoid surgery, I finally submitted to surgery. The procedure cut through the muscles of my low back.  I was told that I may never be able to wear high heels again and it would be at least two years, if ever, before I would run again.


My post-op rehab was all done at home.  I quickly realized that many of the exercises resembled methods used by Josef Pilates. After discussion with my neurosurgeon, I began to include more Pilates exercises in my workout.  The more Pilates exercises I included the faster I seemed to regain balance, strength and endurance.  Because Pilates is about functional movement, the exercises helped in my day-to-day activities.  I regained and INCREASED my mobility and walking led to light jogging within 1 year of surgery.  Don't get too excited because 18 months passed before I could wear a pair of heels all night :)

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