Receive the utmost benefit from your Pilates session.

Located along Main Street, our newly renovated space offers a beautiful and convenient location in which to focus on strengthening and lengthening and YOUR Pilates body!

Two hour parking is FREE and available on a first come first serve basis along our block of Main Street.  Additional parking spaces are located behind our building and in the nearby municipal garages.

The studio currently offers 4 Stott Reformers with Tower Trainers, 4 Stability Chairs and ample space for Mat, Stability Ball, Halo and Barre work. 

Private, Semi-private and Small Group Classes are offered.  Classes are kept small so that clients receive abundant attention.  This allows the instructor to focus on your form, your technique and answer your questions so that you receive the utmost benefit from your Pilates session. The diversity of equipment and the depth of your instructor's training and knowledge ensure that no two sessions are alike and that  exercises can be adapted for every Pilates Body.



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1633 Main St, Columbia, SC 29201, USA

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